More Than Just Massage

Sure, Harmony Spa of Monterey Park is known throughout the community for its excellent massage services. That excellence filters into every single service we offer.

Gift Certificates

SAVE MORE with Membership ( each card is 60 minute massages with hot stones, Combo- hot stones to soles only, Body - includes hot stones to the back and soles)

$250 * Get 10 Combo cards +1 FREE +10 add-ons cards. SAVE $125

$400 * Get 10 Body cards +1 FREE +10 add-ons cards. SAVE $140

BEST DEALS!!! Limited Time Specials!!!

BEST DEALS are found here... That's why you should book directly with us. We will give you the best price in-store.

Hold your next private group party at Harmony...

Birthdays * Bridal Showers * Anniversaries *Office Parties and then some....

Tipping Suggestions, never mandatory...

Per customer's inquiry, it is customary to tip $9/hr for massages.