Relaxation and Rejuvenation

A massage can be both relaxing and healing. Harmony Spa of Monterey Park is known throughout the community for both.


We specialize in Aromatherapy Body Massage and Ancient Reflexology (or as it is more plainly called, foot massage). Our CAMTC certified therapists implement deep tissue bodyworks in combination with HOT STONES for pure relaxation.


Deep Tissue Massage with hot stones

Deep tissue massage is used for chronic tight muscles, postural problems, and repetitive strain. This type of massage targets the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. The movement is slower and the pressure is deeper and concentrated on areas of tension and pain. Our therapists will design and personalize according to each client’s unique needs.

Soothing Swedish Massage with hot stones

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Basic Foot reflexology only ( Main Room)

1 hour $20

90 min $30


Small package ( Private Room)

30 minute body/30 minute foot $30


Large package ( Private Room then Main Room for foot portion)

1 hour body/1 hour foot $60

COMBO -Main Room- fully clothed- head to toe

A. 1 hour $25

B. 90 min $39


Main Room-fully clothed- Foot/Body

Combo massage with hot stones and bio-freeze or foot scrub

(hot stones to soles only)

C. 60 minutes: $35

D. 90 minutes: $49

BODY MASSAGES -Basic ( Private rooms)

E. 1 hour $40

F. 90 min $60

BODY MASSAGE- VIP ( Private room )

Body massage with hot stones and bio-freeze or foot scrub

G. 60 minutes: $47

H. 90 minutes: $67


$10 bio-freeze icy-hot cream

$10 peppermint scrub

$20 Bath Bomb Fizzies

$25 aromatherapy oils

$25 hot stones (Combo - hot stones to soles only) (Body Massage - stones to back and soles)

Tipping Suggestions, never mandatory...

Per customer's inquiry, it is customary to tip $9/hr for massages.

Ask for the BB SPECIAL !!!

Harmony's Signature Combo Massage

Bath Bomb/Biofreeze Combo Massage $59- 60 minutes

This super fizzy soak bath is like champagne for your feet. With peppermint extract, calming chamomile and comforting lavender, it's the ultimate treatment for happy feet. Using these soaks helps draw out impurities and soften feet at the same time. Softening and soothing will continue even after the effervescence has stopped. Immerse feet and soak to your heart's content. ​The massage includes:

  • Hot Stones to soles
  • Aromatherapy with sea salt
  • Bath Bomb -Fizz foot soak with peppermint, chamomile or lavender sparkling effervescent treatments that luxuriously soften, condition and revitalize feet
  • Hot packs and cooling gel pads for the eyes
  • Upper and lower body massage
  • 60 minutes: $59
  • Main Communal Room

60 Minute Body Massage with Aromatherapy oils, hot stones, and your choice of bio-freeze or peppermint scrub $68 ( Regular $85)


SAVE MORE with Membership ( each card is 60 minute massages and includes hot stones). The best deal is our MEMBERSHIP packages below.

$200 * Get 10 Foot reflexology cards +1 FREE +10 add-ons cards. SAVE $120

$250 * Get 10 Combo cards +1 FREE +10 add-ons cards. SAVE $125

$400 * Get 10 Body cards +1 FREE +10 add-ons cards. SAVE $140


Reflexology/COMBO-Foot Massage 

There are many benefits of foot massage, including the most basic: it feels good! Often the most worked body part, feet can easily become tired and stressed. Research shows various parts of the feet are linked to another, even distant parts of the body. This gives feet influence extending not just to the muscles, but also to all the vital organs. So it follows that a foot massage holistically increases circulation and rebalances the body's energy system.


$25 in Main Room- Basic package

Combo Massage -60-minute full body and foot massage (Turn over where more massage is focus on the upper and lower back). Done in main room while fully clothed.

Harmony Signature Add-Ons (for massage and reflexology)

#1- Bio-freeze®Crème (Icee-Hot pain relieving cream applied to neck/shoulders or feet): $10

#2- Peppermint Foot Scrub: $10

#3- Aromatherapy essential lavender oils (relaxing, calming scent for the body): $25


In between your relaxing and rejuvenating massage sessions at Harmony Day Spa of Monterey Park, you can still heal and feel great by using Biofreeze on your tired and sore muscles and joints. Biofreeze sells for $18 including shipping and tax. In store it is $16 in concentrated strength.

We urge you to learn more about Biofreeze by visiting and discovering the advantages of using it by visiting

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Birthdays * Bridal Showers * Anniversaries *Office Parties and then some....

Kindly Pay with Cash. The ATM machine and Credit Card Company we vendor out to charges $2 and $3 convenience fee.

Thank you for your understanding.

Tipping Suggestions, never mandatory...

Per customer's inquiry, it is customary to tip $9/hr for massages.


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Your feedback is very important to us. We kindly ask that you direct your suggestions/concerns/questions to us via email so that we can address them.

Thank you for giving us that opportunity.


eyeliner and lip TATTOO tints

Tammy does what most technicians stay away from due to pain. Her skills along with superb equipment and 3 step numbing cream makes for a pain-less procedure.

Make your eyes come alive and look refresh every morning.

It's a Combination of Techniques !

* Eyeliner: One or more custom NATURAL color tattoo only.

* Lips: Lip TINTS only. Lip liner only does not look natural on most of us. I highly recommend the full lip tint.

* Eyebrows: Hair Simulation and Powdered look.

eyeliner top or bottom- $185

Lip Tint- $275

Eybrows- Based on consultation

( $25 off for first time clients) 

It's truly PAINLESS! Many of us put it off because of the PAIN. Over the years, I had to perfect a technique that enables me to work on my paramedical clients as well as the general public. You don't have to put it off any longer due to pain. My techniques and of course with the aid of my high tech grand permanent makeup tattoo machine has made this all a possibility - Tammy Tang

Eyeliner top or bottom- $185 ( $165)

Lip Tint- $275 ( $250)

For my paramedical patients, please email us at [email protected] to verify insurance/appt.'s and my scheduler will contact for you. I have clinic days so an appointment is a must at my spa.

Click on YELP icon below for photo gallery.

For permanent make-up : PAINLESS eyeliner/full tint by Tammy

For Massages: Harmony SPA of montery park